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Charm City Bluegrass Festival

How do you get people excited about an inner-city bluegrass festival in Baltimore, MD? Highlight the overall experience and show your connection to the city. Using authentic photography, highlighting past festivals with video promos, a regular cadence of personable and engaging social media posts and email blasts, and utilizing social media’s incredible ad targeting capabilities, CCB’s marketing is focused on showcasing its local connection and experience you, as a guest, can expect when you attend. Since 2015, I’ve lead the marketing efforts of the festival and its experienced a consistent 30% year-over-year growth, awarded the 2016 IBMA Momentum Event Of the Year, and attracted 4,000 people to the 2017 event.
With a rapidly growing audience with now tens of thousands of fans across social media and email, ensuring that fans understand the festival’s connection to other brands in Baltimore, publishing relevant, fun, and engaging content, and showing a personality are just a few driving factors that have been successful in getting people excited about the brand and drive real business.
When the legendary Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in Oak Hill, NY was looking to enhance their market presence and grow their business using Facebook, I developed a 6-month strategy that drove tens of thousands of dollars of attributable sales, thousands of new fans, hundreds of thousands of impressions and high engagement rates for a relatively low cost.
It was also important to document the festival during the weekend-of to continue to promote camping and single day tickets and engage current attendees. Throughout the weekend, the festival experienced steady sales and a unusually high camping sales day during the weekend. Ensuring that authentic and interesting content is publishing including photos, Facebook Live events, and other videos from the festival is a core tactic to properly engaging an audience and get them excited about the event.

Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival

10+ Years Corporate Marketing Experience

Since 2007, I’ve professionally worked in the ever-changing landscape of digital/social marketing. From my first position as a “New Media” intern at Def Jam Records to assisting a major rock n’ roll star in promoting a new record to full-time positions managing digital/social campaigns for national and global brands, I’ve garnered a wide-range of experience managing digital campaigns for both large and small-scale businesses and driven impressive results as a result of my plans.
My passion is in acoustic music and am now full-time dedicated to ensuring that musicians/bands, promoters, agents, PR professionals, and event producers best utilize the incredible digital tools on the market that will yield instant growth to their digital footprint, cut costs and time through efficiencies and advanced fan targeting strategies, and help a wider audience experience the amazing music that you’re trying to promote. Let me help you with the best practices, execution, and strategy to take your digital marketing to the next level. I look forward to working with you!