Social Media Brand Management

Do you document your brand journey or repurpose content? Are you reaching your fans and potential fans that love the music but don’t know it exists? Authentically presenting your brand and strategically getting in front of the right people is essential. Here’s how I can help:


Account Management: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube


Highly Targeted Multi-Media Ads: Interest, Behavioral, Geo-Targeting, Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audience Advertising. Pinpoint and get to your audience for maximum efficiency at the lowest cost.


Analytics + Tracking: Attributing results to specific campaigns is absolutely essential for smart digital marketing. I will implement the proper tracking for all your campaigns so you know where your dollars are best being spent, where to further optimize, and what isn’t working.


Content Creation: Copywriting, On-Site Photography/Videography, On-Site Social Media Coverage

Events: Digital Activation

The right mix of talent and local partnerships will maximize your event’s exposure. You’d be surprised where new fans can come from when you include a wide range of performers and connect with businesses in your community. Let me help you identify performers and organizations in your community that have built strong a strong digital presence and will instantly boost your event’s attendance and help you market the overall experience of coming to your event. Here’s how I can specifically help:

Lineup Consultation: Ensure your event has the right mix of talent to attract new fans.


Brand outreach: Identify and reach out to other local brands to expose your event to new fans and show your current fans that you’re a connected, exciting event.


Brand guidelines management: Ensure that all marketing materials include proper branding of your event and that your artists and partners are promoting the event to their best ability.

Training & Consulting

Looking to empower your team to best manage your social media accounts? Do you need on-going digital marketing consultation? Want to learn quick, cost effective ways to produce high-quality content for any of your digital needs? I’m available for ongoing consultation to make sure that you’re fully empowered to take advantage of all the amazing creative development, research, analytics tools on the market. With over 10 years digital marketing experience and a 3 years specifically focused on acoustic music events, I know what it takes to get the word out, attract new fans, and excite your current fans with virtually any sized budget.